Merritt's Neurology

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    The book is divided into 25 sections written by 98 (!) experts from all over the USA (and Canada), with traditional heavy impact on New York based neurologists... All chapters are clearly written and well subdivided into short paragraphs, include many informative tables and suggested readings ordered according to the main subjects. The selection and extent of several chapters often appear somewhat arbitrary in view of the clinical importance of the disorders dealt with, but this and the occasionally arbitrary organization seem to be a speciality of this unique book that provides an excellent overview of the general field of neurology as well as of many, but not all, neurological disorders. An extensive subject index allows rapid finding of specific subjects. Unfortunately, many of the illustrations, in particular histological and neuroimaging pictures, are substandard and better selection and quality would have considerably improved the documentation of many findings and disorders. Nevertheless, this 10th edition of Merrit's Neurology is useful not only for clinical neurologists and neurologists-in-training, but also for general practitioners interested in neurology.