Gastrointestinal Surgery

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    astrointestinal Surgery: Pathophysiology and Management is an invaluable reference text for surgeons and surgical trainees. Written entirely by Dr. Haile T. Debas, Dean of School of Medicine and former Professor and Chairman, Department of Surgery, at the University of California, San Francisco, this book provides the unified approach only found in a single-authored text. Based on the three pillars of understanding particular disease processes -- fundamental anatomy and physiology, pathopysiology, and clinical correlations -- surgical treatment of GI disease is presented as the means to correct abnormal physiology and restore health. Using an integrated approach of basic science and clinical practice, Dr. Debas allows the student of surgery to gain a solid understanding of disease processes that minimizes the need for rote memorization. Thirteen lavishly illustrated chapters cover the GI system as well as gastrointestinal peptides and peptide-secreting tumors, abdominal trauma, the abdominal wall, surgery for morbid obesity, the liver, spleen, retroperitoneum, and perioperative care. Dozens of summary tables throughout each chapter condense "essentials" for quick reference. Comprehensive discussions of clinical disorders review the surgical treatment options. With 400 illustrations and tables, including hundreds of anatomical line drawings commissioned exclusively for this textbook, Gastrointestinal Surgery provides a clinical and therapeutic approach to surgical diseases which will prove invaluable to the surgical trainee and the practitioner preparing for recertification