Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders

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    The rapid progress in genetic research, including the completion of the Human Genome Project, made a new edition of The Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders a necessity. Compiled by genetic counselors, physicians, and medical writers, the encyclopedia explains genetic and congenital disorders in lay language. The 400 alphabetical, signed entries cover genetic disorders ( Down syndrome, Sickle cell disease); congenital disorders ( Cleft lip and palate, Patent ductus arteriosis); scientific concepts and research (Chromosome, Human Genome Project); and clinical specialties and tests ( Amniocentesis, Genetic counseling). There are also articles about conditions, such as Prion diseases, which have a genetic component but can be transmitted between unrelated individuals, and Accutane embryopathy, a combination of birth defects that occurs when a pregnant woman takes the drug Accutane