Kidney And Blood Pressure Regulation

كتاب: Kidney And Blood Pressure Regulation في قسم Nephrology بتاريخ ‏نوفمبر 19, 2011

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    This book attempts to integrate the progress in the physiological aspects of blood pressure regulation mechanisms related to the kidney. With this in mind, we tried to collect a series of original contributions from leading experts in the field. The continuous evolution of techniques and biomedical aspects has overall led to significant progress; however, in recent years, major concerns have been expressed about gene target research. Therefore, molecules of different origin and nature are investigated from various aspects and a number of particles are hardly integrated. In contrast to these developments in molecular biology, many large-scale clinical trials investigating the effects of antihypertensive drugs on cardiovascular events have been and are at present being carried out, and these results are not always consistent. Between these two extremes – genetargeted science and large-scale clinical trials – the exact mechanisms behind the pathophysiological process of renal disease have been investigated. It is likely that a combination of metabolic and hemodynamic abnormalities explain the progression of renal diseases. Clearly, mechanisms related to the response to blood pressure elevation are important as is the possibility that the metabolic and hemodynamic pathway is inhibited. This has been a greater challenge than we originally envisaged, not least of all because there has recently been an explosion of interest in blood pressure regulation in the kidney. This challenge has been admirably met by the international panel of authors who agreed to contribute to this book.