Practice and Principles of Pharmaceutical Medicine

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    This is an international guide to all areas of drug development and medical aspects of marketing. Both the regulatory and scientific aspects of the speciality of pharmaceutical medicine have evolved rapidly in recent years and Principles and Practice of Pharmaceutical Medicine assesses the current status of the field as well as giving some prospectus of how things may develop in the future. provides a refresher for the expert and an essential foundation for the novice outlines an academic framework for good practice This is an excellent source of information for all those practising pharmaceutical medicine - pharmaceutical physicians, regulatory physicians, clinical researchers, marketing executives, research nurses. It covers essential information for those studying for diplomas in pharmaceutical medicine and related fields and for specialists fulfilling requirements for continuing medical education. Includes: Overview of Pharmaceutical Medicine Pharmaceutical medicine as a medical speciality What pharmaceutical medicine is and who does it Competency-based training system for clinical research staff Drug Discovery and Development Pharmaceutics Informed consent Good Clinical Practices Drug Registration US Regulations Japanese Regulations Ethnic Issues in Drug Registration Medical Services Drug Surveillance Publishing Clinical Trials Legal and Ethical Aspects Pharmaceutical product liability Patents Business Aspects Financial Principles of clinical trials Third World Multinational Corporations