The Biomedical Engineering Handbook,

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    by Joseph D. Bronzino This is a one-of-a-kind handbook for those who desire to have up-to-date knowledge about biomedical engineering interlaced with excellent engineering and analysis details, It teaches quickly and to the point. I am pleased to have it in my library. - Assistive Technology, Volume 8, No. 1 The list of section editors and the advisory board for this text reads like a who's who in biomedical engineering…Each section, each chapter, each illustration beckons me further inward until I become totally immersed within the detail and hopelessly enthralled with the potential of it all…A masterpiece addition to any collection. - Biomaterials Forum This text is needed in your Science Library. Another copy is needed in your departmental office for use by the Chairman. Anyone planning or considering a new course should buy and use this text…Consultants, Clinical Engineers, and other related professionals…should also have a copy… - IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology, March/April 1996 PWinner of the Association of American Publishers Best New Professional/Scholarly Publication - Engineering.