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The Human Body

كتاب: The Human Body في قسم Anatomy بتاريخ ‏نوفمبر 19, 2011

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    The basic principles of the anatomy and physiology of the human body are presented in easy-to-read language with clearly integrated text and four-color illustrations. Full consideration is given to the interests of various disciplines in the health care field. The contents of the book have been updated. All of the chapters have been expanded and partially rewritten, particularly the following: - Biology of the Cell (updated and expanded) - Genetics and Evolution (new) - Musculoskeletal System (17 new illustrations) - Heart and Vascular System (new, clearer organization) - Blood, Immune System and Lymphatic Organs (detailed coverage of the immune system, in line with the latest discoveries) - Endocrine Organs (updated with many new illustrations) - Digestive System (completely revised, including new sections on Antioxidants and Medicinal Herbs - Reproduction, Development and Birth (with new, detailed coverage of the fertilization process) - Central and Peripheral Nervous System (blood supply to the brain has been added) A total of 51 new illustrations have been added, and many others have been revised. Other new features are the summary at the end of each chapter, which reviews the chapter contents; the detailed Table of Contents at the start of each chapter; and the fold-out color plate of a fully labeled skeleton