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    HTML, the language of the world wide web Why learn HTML ? How do I get on the net Attractive web addresses cost a little extra Is it all about homepage then? A short confusion of terms First the plan The project file Lets work with the editor! Creating a new HTML document Creating and structuring an HTML document. Important comments Headings Bold, italic and underscore Paragraphs and paragraph alignment Creating a new line Numbered and other lists Inserting lines The trick with spaces Overview of the most important HTML commands How to add graphics to your HTML documents GIF, JPEG or PNG Which graphic program? Putting a graphic in a HTML document Width and height Entering a text alternative Small is beautiful How to use background graphics The graphic is tiled! Textures as background designs Hyperlinks – internal and external anchors and references References to your own pages References to pages in sub directories External Hyperlinks Opening a new window Internal page references The e-mail Link Links to a graphic Image Maps Overview of the most important HTML commands for anchors Life gets colourful – colours for links and text Mixing hexadecimal colours The attributes in the body tag More font format possibilities Further character formats with the FONT tag The PRE-Tag for fixed formatting More lists Running text (MARQUEE) Blink Text Lines Tables as important tools of page formation Simple tables Fading out the grid lines Positioning tables Justifying table width and height Borders Inner- and outer borders Splitting cells Table colours Creating response and evaluation forms The text input field The Radio buttons Check boxes Selection fields Sending back and submitting Style Sheets – the clever format models for HTML Format models for Web-Pages More attributes for style sheets Paragraph and character formats References to external style sheets Frames, movable part windows in Web-Pages References in the framesets References out of the frameset Creating homepages with Word and StarWriter Effects, spice and dynamics for your homepage Visitors book and counters Links changing colour Script for a Ticker A Pull-Down-Menu Building in background sounds Banners and animations as GIF How to register your page with search engines Here’s how you get on Yahoo Automatic registration META-Tags as help for the search engines More graphic tips and tricks The clip board trick Setting the graphic background to transparent The graphic forms slowly More recommended tools and web resources Specialist HTML editors (no prior HTML knowledge required) Tag orientated editors (require HTML knowledge) More Tools Appendix: Faster progress with Homesite Setting up a page in Homesite Inserting hyperlinks Inserting graphics Text formatting Tables Forms Frames and Style Sheets